Planning application

British Land has submitted a planning application Euston Tower, to create a world leading science, technology and innovation building and public realm that inspires, connects and creates opportunities for local people and businesses. Over 570 local people participated in over 100 events and meetings, including co-design workshops, panel events and exhibitions, to shape the plans that have been submitted. A big thank you to everyone for your time, ideas and contributions.

What happens next?

Camden Council is now holding a 28-day statutory consultation on the planning application which will end on 3rd February; however you will still be able to give comments beyond the end date. The statutory consultation period is the opportunity to view all the planning documents, and make formal comments to the council for their consideration in their determination of the planning application.

You can view the application on Council’s planning portal using case reference number 2023/5240/P, and submit comments for their consideration here If you have any questions for the project team, please get in touch at

Planning Application Documents

Below is a full list of documents that have been submitted as part of this planning application. They will be considered by Camden Council ahead of making a decision at a planning committee meeting (the current date is to be decided). Scroll down to see a link to each report with an explanation of what it includes, as well as drawings of the designs. All planning documents can also be found on Camden Council’s planning portal.

To help navigate the planning application, these are the key documents which may be of interest: 

  • For an overview of the proposals and how they respond to Camden’s planning policy, see the Planning Statement.
  • To read about the designs for Euston Tower and surrounding public realm developed, see the Design and Access Statement.
  • To read about the community engagement and co-design process, see the Statement of Community Involvement.
  • For an overview of how environmental sustainability has been considered, read the Environmental Statement.
  • To read about the proposals’ carbon impact, see the Whole Life Carbon Assessment.
  • To read about how the impacts of construction will be managed and minimised, read the Construction Management Plan.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions on the proposals, please get in touch today.

Planning documents

Feasibility Study

Provides an assessment of the condition of Euston Tower and how the proposals will best make use of the existing structures, as well as maximising the level of materials that could be reused and recycled.

Design and Access Statement

Outlines how the designs for the redevelopment of Euston Tower and the associated public realm developed.

Draft Construction Management Plan

Outlines the ways in which the impacts of construction will be mitigated for local people.

Planning Statement

Provides an overview of the proposals and how they respond to Camden Council’s planning policy.

Statement of Community Involvement

Outlines the extensive community engagement and co-design process with the local community that was undertaken up to the submission of the planning application.

Whole Life Carbon Assessment

Provides a full analysis of the proposals’ carbon impact on the environment.

Further documents

Accessibility Statement

Describes how the proposals for Euston Tower and the associated public realm improvements will be inclusive and accessible for all.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Includes the findings of tree surveys taken on site as well as how trees on site will be protected and preserved.

Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment

Study assesses the impact of the scheme on archaeological remains (buried heritage assets).

Basement Impact Assessment

Provides findings of the basement surveys and how the proposals may impact the current building and neighbouring properties.

Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment

Demonstrates how the proposals for Euston Tower and the associated public realm will improve the biodiversity on the site.

Circular Economy Statement

Describes the circular economy strategies and approaches to ensure that the redevelopment of Euston Tower is highly sustainable.

Crime Impact Assessment

Outlines the strategies for the architectural design to be developed alongside specific physical, electronic and operational security measures.

DLSL and Overshadowing Report

Provides an analysis of daylight, sunlight and overshadowing studies for the proposed development and how the scheme may affect the surrounding residential properties.

Drainage and SuDS model

Outlines the drainage proposals for Euston Tower and how the development will not increase flood risk elsewhere.

Employment and Skills Strategy

Details how British Land will provide employment opportunities and skills training through the construction of the development and once the building is occupied, as well as ongoing opportunities for the community.

Energy Statement

Provides an analysis of how the proposed building will provide a reduction in carbon emissions compared to the existing Euston Tower.

Environmental Statement

Provides an assessment of the environmental effects of the proposals and the measures taken by British Land to mitigate against this.

Euston Tower Fire Statement

Describes how the fire strategy design meets Policy D12 (Fire Safety) of the London Plan 2021, and other relevant policies.

Flood Risk Assessment Report

Provides an analysis of the flood risk data associated with the proposals, and describes how the development will meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Plan 2021, and The City Plan 2019-2040.

Health Impact Statement

Provides an analysis of any likely health and wellbeing impacts or inequalities associated with the proposed development on future users of the building and the community.

Landscape Statement

Demonstrates the analysis, objectives and design development of the landscaped spaces and how this fits with the long-term vision for the site.

Noise Impact Assessment Report

Provides the findings of noise surveys, showing how the development will meet the requirements of national and local planning requirements, design standards and good practice guides.

Public Use Framework

Details how the public spaces on the bottom three floors of Euston Tower can be programmed to maximise local benefit with the concept of the ‘Neighbourhood Lab’.

Structural Statement

Provides an analysis of the structural surveys for Euston Tower taken from 2020-2023 and describes the proposed structural arrangement to support the redevelopment of Euston Tower.

Sustainability Statement

Summarises the overall sustainability strategy proposed for the development in response to the GLA and Camden’s planning polices and guidance.

Telecommunications Report

Provides a summary of the potential effects on the local reception of television services from the proposed redevelopment of Euston Tower.

Transport Assessment

Describes how the development will meet a range of policies that advocate a car-free development and encourage sustainable modes of transport around the site (such as walking and cycling).

Ventilation Statement

Provides a summary of the ventilation proposals developed for Euston Tower.


Demolition Floorplans, Sections, Elevations & Roof Plans

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