Euston Tower:
Connecting Communities

The vision is for the building and public space outside it to be welcoming and inclusive, so it is somewhere people want to spend time, and can access opportunities.

The vision for Euston Tower

A key aspiration is for Euston Tower to provide opportunities for people at different stages of their lives. This principle was identified through co-design workshops and conversations with the community from the start of the project.

From welcoming spaces to play for children, to programmes and amenities that inspire and involve young people, Euston Tower should connect people to the big ideas – and the skills to enter careers – in the life science, tech and innovation sector.

Workspaces will support companies of different sizes, from start-ups to established companies. People at different stages of their career – from entry level to late career professionals – will benefit from sharing an environment focused on supporting exchange and collaboration.

Creating a Community Engagement and Social Impact Strategy

The starting point for the project team was to understand local priorities, aspirations and past challenges to collectively create a vision which meets the needs of the local community and businesses.

We designed an engagement programme to empower local residents and stakeholders to shape the design outcomes of Euston Tower and the associated public spaces at the base of the building. We’re grateful to everyone who’s been involved to date for their time and contributions. The programme included co-design workshops and panel events, each exploring key topics and themes linked to the design and function of Euston Tower. In particular, two areas of influence were explored:

  1. The design and programming of external spaces for public use, including Regent’s Place Plaza
  2. The design and programming of interior spaces in Euston Tower for public use

Our social impact objectives

We have designed six objectives as part of the Euston Tower Social Impact Strategy, these six objectives have been created from three existing documents that were designed in collaboration with local stakeholders; Euston Social Value Charter, We Make Camden and British Land’s Local Charter.

  1. Sustainability – social & environmental
    Supporting the development of sustainable communities, supporting healthy communities and better wellbeing.
  2. Putting the community at the heart of development
    Having an open dialogue around the current building, the sustainability challenges, constraints and opportunities, and using insights from events to shape future plans. Connecting Euston Tower to the wider Regent’s Place community offering, creating impact beyond the design and planning process, over the short, medium and long term.
  3. Diversity
    Ensuring those who access paid roles, work experience, apprenticeships and those who we collaborate with and commission reflect the diversity of Camden.
  4. Young people
    Providing space for young people’s voices to be heard, alongside educational opportunities through STEAM programmes – including work experience, apprenticeships and local employment. Using arts and culture to connect people to place.
  5. Space
    Understand how the local community uses and wants to use different spaces.
  6. Connect
    Providing opportunities for people and networks to connect, including events, online dialogue, and collaboration with Knowledge Quarter businesses.

A summary of the engagement to date includes:

Early 2022

Street interviews and meetings with local groups to understand lived experience around Regent’s Place and local priorities

Late 2022

Pre-engagement workshops with local groups

February – June 2023

Series of co-design workshops with architects involving over 200 people, exploring a number of areas including public space inside and outside the building, inclusivity in the public realm and sustainability. Feedback fed into the design process.

Creative Producers Programme to ensure young people’s voices are heard.

July 2023

‘Future of Euston Tower: Public Exhibition on the Proposed Plans’ events hosted to present the full design drafts with the local community and wider public

‘Capturing Camden: Connecting People to Place’ exhibition curated by Creative Producers in Regent’s Place Plaza

October 2023

‘Future of Euston Tower: Public Consultation on the Developed Designs’ events hosted to present the developed designs to the local community and wider public.

Local commissions and collaborations

As part of our initial commitment to social impact through the Euston Tower project, we have sought to provide benefits to local people, testing our engagement strategy themes while putting the local community at the heart of the development.

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